The Call Conference 2019

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January 3-5th 2019

The Call Conference exists to see young adults in the Church pursue a life devoted to Christ with all that they are, using all that they have…

… To acknowledge what God’s call is in their life and choose to actively engage how that plays out in their context.

The Call is a Conference that seeks for attendees to enter our doors excited and leave changed.

This Conference is different! We seek an intimate, intentional experience where conversations can happen and connection with community and God can be made. No bright lights.

Just people, food, small groups, enthusiastic speakers and music. 

 It’s good for the heart, spirit and our growing need for connection.

Join us in January for this amazing time together. 

3 Days ~ 8 Speakers ~ $200 (meals/room included!)

1 Day Friday Registration ~ $75

Check it Out!